Myers Vitamin IV Infusion + Glutethione

Myers Vitamin IV Infusion + Glutethione


Myers Cocktail Nutrient IV Infusion: $250/month

  • Bag-Lactated Ringers 250ml
    • Magnesium Sulfate 2g
    • Calcium Gluconate 100mg
    • Trace Elements (CR, CU, MN, SE) 1ml
  • Ascorbic Acid 5g
  • Hydroxocobalamin 50mg
  • Leucovorin (Folic Acid) 5mg/ml
  • NAC (Acetylcysteine) 400mg/ml
  • B-Complex: B1(100mg/ml); B5 (50mg/ml); B3 (50mg/ml); B6 (50mg/ml); B2 (20mg/ml)

Glutethione: 1gm (antioxidant and liver cleanse)

Add Ons:

Fat-burning MIC + hydroxocobalamine (B12) Super Supplement: $100/month

  • The key ingredients used to make this injection is: Vitamin B12 and three essential Amino Acids—Choline, Methionine and Inositol.
  • These injections are designed to increase your energy level while enhancing the function of your liver by burning fat verses storing it.
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